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Through knowledge, skill, and capability, we can provide, on time, crowns that are slightly out of occlusion, with good, broad contacts, and matching shades. This gives you less chair time with minimal adjustment and creates a better schedule for yourself and your office.


We are always available to respond to your needs for consultation on cases through phone, e-mail, and face to face appointments within 30 miles of our lab.


With 40 years experience, we know your business. We can confidentially anticipate and respond to your needs. As an extension of your office, we can keep accurate records of materials and pictures of your clients' cases. This will help complete their treatment plans with ease.


We can give advice with treatment plans. This includes; choosing from a wide selection of materials, wax-ups, allow selection and shading. We have taken special classes that have included instruction from Dr. Jimmy Eubanks, Dr. Peter Dawson and from the Pankey Institute. 

Our mission is to provide dentists with all levels of customer satisfaction, accuracy, availability, partnership, and advice

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I have worked with the technicians at Dentists' Choice for the past 8 years. I have always been impressed by their knowledge, craftmanship, and their ability to work through a difficult case. I highly recommend them for any practice.

Dr. Whitney Swann

I have had the pleasure of working with Roger for over 30 years on many straightforward cases as well as more difficult and involved full mouth restorations.

Roger has a tremendous eye for shade and contour on anterior restorations. He has always been willing to come to our office if a custom shade match is required. He works well with my staff and interacts respectively with our patients as well.

His many years of experience are an asset to my practice. If presented with a difficult case he is willing to put forth extra effort to achieve what I have envisioned for the patient’s results.

I am very satisfied with my working relationship with Roger and his staff.

Dr. Tom Henson

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