Remake Policy

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There are many reasons for a product to be remade and we are grateful for the chance to make things better for everyone.

When a doctor sends a case back to us as a remake they are not always meaning for it to be redone at no charge.

The patient may have requested a different shade, the tooth may have failed, or many other reasons that are outside of the responsibility of the lab.

Therefore, the lab will return the case invoiced as a new case and include with it a credit form that allows the doctor to make the appropriate adjustment (0% to 100%) to the bill which is then returned for a credit.

Our lab request that as much of the following be returned as possible in order to able us to learn from any mistakse that were made.

  1. Original Rx, impression, model work, crown or bridge.
  2. Credit form completed to let us know the reason for the remake and the value requested for the credit.
  3. The crown or bridge must be returned for credit to be applied.

Remakes are costly for everyone, and we want to make sure that the way we handle this issue makes for a better relationship for all of us.


We are proud to guarantee our work to be free of defects due to materials or workmanship. We guarantee the appliance to fit the provided model and to be constructed to the design requested on the Rx. Our mission is to provide dentists with all levels of customer satisfaction, accuracy, availability, partnership, and advice.

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